Augusta Precious Metals Review 2022

If you’re looking for a company that specializes in precious metals, you’ve probably heard about Augusta Precious Metals. The company has an excellent reputation and high customer ratings. You may even be aware of its partnership with Joe Montana, who chose to use the services of this company as part of his personal financial team. Not only did Joe Montana become a customer, but he also became the company’s Corporate Ambassador.

Good Customer Service

Augusta is a gold IRA partner that offers complete transparency and one-on-one customer support. The company also prides itself on its core values and empowers its customers to achieve their goals. While the company doesn’t post its prices online, its prices are competitive with other top-tier companies.

They also provide 24-hour assistance to their clients. Their representatives answer customer questions and help them set up their accounts. Their agents can be reached via online chat or by phone, and they help new clients get up and running in their account. They also require a minimum investment of $50,000, but there is no maximum limit.

The company offers a number of gold IRA options, including a self-directed gold IRA worldwide. These accounts offer customers total control over their investments and make it easy for investors to become their own financial bosses. Investing in precious metals is an excellent way to protect your wealth over the long run.

They also offer high-quality silver and gold bullion coins. You can choose from gold bullion coins, silver bullion coins, and premium coins, as well as proofs and collector’s sets. They also offer the 7-Day Price Protection Program, a guarantee that protects your investments for up to seven days.

Good Product Selection

Augusta is an excellent choice for investors interested in gold, silver, and platinum. The company is highly trained and offers guidance throughout the investment process. Its agents are well-informed about the precious metals market and are led by a Harvard economist who can answer questions about the industry. The agents are also able to provide advice regarding how to protect your retirement portfolio and make the most of your investment.

It is a reputable company and is a member of the National Ethics Association (NEA). This non-profit organization promotes ethics in business. The company’s representatives have gone through regulatory checks to ensure they operate with integrity and ethics.

It is well-rated by independent sources, with high customer satisfaction and ratings on independent consumer review sites. The company also offers lifetime customer service and has a positive reputation in the industry.

They offer a large variety of bullion bars and coins. Its order desk is staffed with bullion specialists who can explain the different types and purities of bullion and help you select the right product for your needs. They also offer IRA accounts for those looking to store their precious metals in an easy-to-use environment.

Augusta offers a 24-hour assistance center and online chat. Their agents are helpful and educated, which is especially valuable when you are considering a new investment. Those with large retirement accounts should consider Augusta Precious Metals if they want to diversify their portfolios.

They also offer IRA-eligible gold and silver coins. The company’s offerings include the American Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Gold American Buffalo. While the company has a large inventory of premium gold coins and silver bars, its website is not transparent about prices.

High Customer Reviews

Augusta has a good reputation with customers and the Better Business Bureau, a highly-regarded consumer organization. This company specializes in providing valuable information on investing and IRA accounts, and customers can speak with a friendly agent in person to learn more about their services.

The company offers lifetime customer support. Customers can ask questions about their purchase, and the company offers assistance with paperwork. It also has high ratings from consumer watchdog organizations and independent media. You can also find reviews on online review sites.

Augusta offers many benefits, including the flexibility of investing in gold and silver, gold delivery, and gold IRAs. It also provides free gold IRA guides and one-on-one web conferences led by an economist trained at Harvard. These sessions are often mentioned in customer reviews as “must-watch” presentations. In addition, Augusta has a paid corporate ambassador – hall-of-famer Joe Montana.

Augusta also has a money-back guarantee. First-time customers can get their money back if they do not like the company. The company is also willing to refund fees incurred for premium silver coins. In addition, Augusta respects state laws regarding cancellation policies. The minimum investment amount is $50,000, which makes Augusta a great choice for investors with large retirement accounts.

They offer a wealth of benefits to its customers, including educational videos and an FAQ page. A knowledgeable staff also gives unique insights into precious metals. It also assists customers with the paperwork associated with purchasing precious metals. Customers can track their orders through an online order history.

IRAs are great for those who want to invest in gold or silver. They are similar to a traditional IRA account, except that they allow you to withdraw your money tax-free at retirement. If you’re interested in starting a gold or silver IRA, Augusta Precious Metals can help you make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. The company also ensures that your precious metals are safe in the Delaware Depository, which is a highly secure location.

Easy to work with

Augusta’s customer support team specializes in helping customers understand the process of investing in precious metals. The agents provide assistance with account setup, answer questions, and help customers build a customized portfolio. They also provide ongoing training to their agents. Ultimately, Augusta’s goal is to make their services as simple as possible for their customers.

Augusta’s staff is highly qualified. They include a Harvard-trained economist and a certified public accountant. This team works together like a well-oiled machine to help customers understand the process. Customers benefit from the convenience of one-on-one webinars with an economist.

Augusta offers free investment guides to new clients. Their customer success team will contact new customers to provide assistance with account setup. They will also walk new customers through the process of opening an IRA. Agents will also help investors rollover their funds from their current accounts.

Augusta Precious Metals’ customer pricing is simple to understand. There are no hidden fees or management fees. Customers can buy and sell gold and silver using their investment accounts. Prices depend on the current gold and silver rates. Customers who invest in gold and silver are protected by a price-match guarantee. Customers who invest in gold or silver bullions can expect to pay 5% of the purchase price, with no added costs for shipping or asset handling.

Augusta Precious Metals’ customer service team is dedicated to providing the best experience possible. They are willing to provide support for their customers throughout the process and handle all paperwork for them. They also have high ratings from consumer watchdog websites and third-party rating services. These factors combine to make Augusta Precious Metals a solid investment option.

They offer a variety of tools and resources to help customers make their investments. These include economic education, the latest news, and online tools. Users can view precious metal price charts and a required minimum distribution calculator.